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Walking Alone, Running Together: 10th Annual Banquet Fundraiser

posted May 18, 2015, 2:28 PM by Mark Gomez


10th Annual Fundraising Banquet

"Walking Alone... Running Together."

Over the past year, young men of color have had too many reminders that communicate the all too real struggles that we go through.  Having to legitimize our very existence and humanity.  Our young men of color need support in just the natural process of growing up, from boyhood to manhood.  This work cannont be done alone.  It truly takes a community.  This is the theme of this year's banquet.  When it feels like we are walking alone, by ourselves... there is a simultaneous movement building, where together we find collective power to feed our spirit and fight on.  We are running towards a different and better future for our youth.  Come run with us.