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Board of Directors

Sean A. Rector - President/CEO

Sean Allen Rector (President/CEO) was born and raised in Harlem, NY by a single mother who inspired him to reach higher and give back to his community.  As an adult, Sean found a way to combine his mother’s teaching with his passion for acting.  After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Albany, Sean traveled across twenty states with the Periwinkle National Theatre teaching kids about the dangers of drug addiction, and the importance of self-esteem in the play, “Half Way There.”

In 1996, Sean joined the Negro Ensemble Company and performed in several plays including Ed Bullin’s “Boy X Man”, “The Absolution of Willie Mae”, “Choices”, and “Sister Rabbit Takes Harlem”- a featured children’s play in the bi-annual Black Arts Festival in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  Sean’s acting career includes television and film as well, with his most notable appearance being on the top CBS reality show, Survivor: Marquesas.

Sean has been given the opportunity to “give back” capriciously to causes he believes in, such as Cancer Research for Kids, the Nebraska Aids Project, Reality for Diabetes in Cincinnati, Ohio.  As a teacher at John Muir Middle School, he was voted Teacher of the Year in 2002, nominated for Teacher of the Year by the Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles in 2002 and 2003, and awarded the Most Motivating and Inspirational Teacher Award by the H.Y.P.E. Foundation, Inc.

In 2002, as head coach of the boys’ basketball team at John Muir Middle School in South Los Angeles, he decided to teach the student-athletes a little less basketball and more about the game of life.  God gave him the vision to create Boys to Men, and the following year with the help of his partner, Dohn Norwood, they were able to turn Boys to Men into The T.Y.M.E. foundation’s Boys to Men Enrichment Program, which has served over three thousand African American and Latino boys in South Los Angeles. 

Andrè M. Harper, Ed.D -Treasurer/CFO

Dr. André M. Harper, a Silicon Valley native began his career as a middle school Math/Science and Reading teacher. He has fundraised, orchestrated and partnered with a number of non-profit organizations including; The American Red Cross, Divas for A Cure Breast Cancer Foundation, AIDS Project Los Angeles and The Coalition for at-risk youth to name a few. André has two (2) doctorate degrees: one in Higher Education Executive Leadership from AU and another in Adult Learning & Leadership from Columbia University. Andre holds certificates from the Annenberg Foundation Alchemy’s Leadership Institute, Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education Urban School Leaders Institute, currently obtaining a certificate in Executive Coaching from Columbia University and an Advanced Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Cooperation from Teachers College, Columbia University.   

Andrè is a published author and has presented at various research conferences including; The International Transformative Learning Conference, Diversity and Research Practice Conference, The Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference and The Biennial Conference of the University of the West Indies Schools of Education both independently and collaboratively. He is an active member of the American Society for Training and Development (NYC), Society for Research in Adult Development, Center for Professional Responsibility, Association of Pan African Doctoral Scholars, American Bar Association (Associate Member) and Higher and Postsecondary Education (TC-Columbia University).

In addition to his commitment to T.Y.M.E., André is a Facilitator at Teachers College, Columbia University and an Adjunct Professor at Baruch College (CUNY). His first dissertation research was titled Leadership Styles of California African American Community College Chancellors and Self-Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Their Recommendations. His second dissertation focused on The Experiences and Leadership recommendations of African American CEOs at Fortune 500 companies.

André believes that learning and facilitating are apart of life and when given an opportunity one must run with it! 

Margarita Arias - Secretary/Board Member

Margarita Arias S. (Secretary) was born and raised in the Harbor Area of Los Angeles by her parents with the assistance of six siblings, five sisters, and a brother. She is the first in her family to complete a degree in higher education, with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Chicano/a Studies, then later a Master’s of Educational Administration and Policy Studies from the Cal State University of Northridge as well as a teaching credential in English. She has always been inspired by family valuing their integral part in her own formal education she shared the many lessons and insights with them all. The journey in such a task was arduous as she didn’t have models to help guide her and this is why she feels it is important for the youth to have role models.

During her years at Phineas Banning High school in Wilmington, CA, she overcame her fear of challenging social and cultural norms. She rallied a group of students to petition for Chicano/a studies classes to be taught on her high school campus since there was very little culturally relevant material being presented in school. This was the beginning of what would lead her drive to help empower the youth. She began working as a teacher’s assistant for three years, throughout the San Fernando Valley to her roots in the Harbor Area, before becoming a teacher herself at John Muir Middle School in South Los Angeles. This is where she noticed the Boys to Men Enrichment program and admired the work that was being done. She supported their efforts monetarily at first before becoming actively involved as a volunteer. Now as a board member, she is honored and motivated to help affect change from within the TYME organization.

William Jordan III - Executive Director

William Jordan III was born and raised in Bronx NY. Graduated from SUNY Albany in 1995.  he is married and has four daughters. 

William has always felt a sense of responsibility towards giving back to the community.  He has worked with under-served youth in many capacities.  He worked in New York group homes for 2 years.  From 1996 to 2000, William worked as a case manager @ CASES, an alternative to incarceration program in New York.

William has worked in Bronx middle schools as a social studies teacher, a Girls and Boys basketball coach and as a mentor in a mentoring program.

William has spent the last 3 years, working as GED instructor for a program in Washington Heights NY
serving disconnected youth.

Randy E. Becton Jr - Program Director

Randy is a native Angeleno, born and raised in the heart of urban Los Angeles. Middle child of four boys raised in a single parent home after his father was fatally killed in a tragic car accident, June of 1996. Early on he yearned for male role models attending programs such as Men's Club at the Challengers Boys and Girls Club, Gentleman's Club of Walton Middle School in Compton, and multiple team sports. But none of those programs stood out or played as vital a role as had the Boys to Men after-school program at John Muir Middle School (2003-2004).

In high school, the lessons taught by Mr. Rector,  along with Mr. Norwood, were timely and necessary, as Randy's younger brother Kenneth choose a life of gangs. That was the moment where Randy decided to embrace these lessons and live them out as a mentor and a role model for his younger brother. Yet it was a little too late.  Shortly after, his brother Kenneth became a known gang member and was in and out of jail.

That hardship caused Randy to stray away from mentoring but he still held on to the valuable lessons of yes sir and no sir, internalized as a source of power and respect.  After high school, Randy heeded the call of his own former mentor Mr. Rector and came back to the Boys to Men program as a volunteer mentor. Randy has been coming to volunteer since September of 2012, teaching and learning with humility as he works alongside his lifetime role model, Mr. Rector.

His motto as a mentor: "Design a system that you wouldn't mind failing in." He hopes to continue the work, God, without looking for the reward.

Ryan Welch - Program Director

Ryan C. Welch was born in South Central LA to a single mother in 1993, like many other young African American young men his father was out of the picture.  Ryan attended John Muir Middle School in 2007,  where he learned the value of reading a book. His mother an avid reader instilled in him the key to reading by reading stories and singing to him. Ryan enjoys reading, writing, and laughing. He loves his community and its diverse landscape. Mr. Welch attended California State University Los Angeles and completed his Associate's Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix in 2015.

The lessons taught by the extraordinary Faculty and Staff at John Muir helped in polishing him into a young man.   Especially the lessons taught in the TYME Foundations Boys To Men Enrichment Program and its founder Sean A. Rector. Taking the values of the poem recited in every Boys To Men Meeting and ascribing them to his character. Mr. Welch is responsible for the IT administration of the Boys To Men After School Program.

“Mr. Rector and Dohn Norwood have been the most consistent male presences in my life. Thank you for taking the time to teach boys how to become men’ - Ryan Welch

Imari Wingham - Program Director

Imari Wingham studies Music Production at Los Angeles City College. Imari enjoys dancing and playing basketball. He assists with coaching the boys in the program and instructs students on how to dance as it comes to him like second nature. Imari came back to Boys to Men so that he would be a effective member of his community.

He attended Budlong Elementary and John Muir Middle School allowing for him to understand the obstacles and adversity young men of color face daily and will face throughout their lives. Mr. Imari is excited about being able to teach and build lasting bonds between the young men and create a better future for our community.

He takes great pleasure in helping young men mature and become exceptional independent men.